Things to Do in Itacare

If you like contact with nature, Itacaré is the right place for you. Rivers, beaches and Atlantic Forest will always be at your side, on the sidewalks and sports activities practiced in the region. The beaches with good structure, streams and waterfalls easily accessible, adequate and safe sports and the constant contact with nature guarantee the success of the holiday with the kids! 

To begin to get a taste of Itacaré, we selected six typical of city programs, emphasizing the last, special tips for Bantam public.

Trails in Beaches

To reach the most remote and beautiful beaches of Itacaré, like Prainha, the best way is, of course, trekking through the Atlantic, always in the company of accredited guides. They are intermediate trails that cross streams, waterfalls and cliffs and often lead to beautiful natural lookouts such as the one with the beach Havaizinho.

Like the Sunset